Yes, I am still reading ‘The Seance’.  I just haven’t had the time to sit for long periods of time and read.  I know, I know, that is horrible.  I feel like I have betrayed all of you with my promises of completion.  All I can post is that I am sorry and too bad!  JK!  I am working on it.


the asylum pic

Confused and disoriented, Georgina Ferrars awakens in the small room in Thegannon House, a remote asylum in England.  She has no memory of the past few weeks.  The doctor, Maynard Straker, tells her that she admitted herself under the name Lucy Ashton, then suffered a seizure.  When she insists he has mistaken her for someone else, Dr. straker sends a telegram to her uncle, who replies that Georgina Ferrars is at home with him in London.

This novel is fucking crazy full of suspense, mystery, and straight up bizarre.  I loved it.  Throughout the story I could not help but yell at the book.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  I, indeed, forgot to re-read the synopsis before I started on the novel.  I had read it when I first purchased the thing two or three months ago.  I read reviews on Amazon and Goodreads before I even thought of buying it.  I take my time when buying because I really do not want to waste my time starting something that plain out sucks balls.  As you know I have quit reading novels before finishing.

Anyway, I did think that Georgina Ferrars and Lucia Ashton’s characters were really developed and interesting.  The way the author, John Harwood, went into detail about their past and had the characters in conversation discussing them instead of just pulling a Stephen King and using up pages and pages of description told in third person. Characters such as Emily, Georgina’s cousin, really did not go into detail what-so-ever.  It was confusing at times, remembering that she was a cousin. Frederic Mordaunt, Georgina’s love interest throughout the novel was very interesting, as well.  He was mysterious and just fucking strange.  He reminded me of some Emo asshat that needed to get a grip and stop pouting.  But in the end, he came out a hero.

So what did I take away from this awesome, fucking book.  Don’t lie about who you are EVER and do not end up in a asylum in the 1800’s, EVER!!!

4 1/2  out of 5 stars for sure.  And no, I haven’t figured out which symbol I want to use for the stars.

Slow Mo Book Reviews!!!

So, I am still reading ‘The Asylum’.  It is a great book but I have been pretty busy lately with life.  There are a couple of other books I plan on reviewing too, more to come on that.  Librarything has become my  best friend.  I have had an account with them for a long time now and usually get books at the end of the month to review.  I usually don’t like what I receive so I only write the minimum required to continue getting free books.  I also have decided not to continue my subscription to Bethany House Books.  I didn’t realize it was a religious bookhouse.  Lol.  Not for me, obviously.  Anyway, be on the lookout for my foul review within the next week or two.  Looking forward to it!  Peace.

The Asylum

the asylum pic

This book is fucking awesome.  I am half way there and the review will come right after.  I feel like this is one that I will finish completely.  I am right into the thick of it, trying to figure out what is going on.  Either the bitch is crazy or something sinister is going on.  Yummy story!


the painted bird

Well, I have been reading The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski for about a month now.  Why did it take me a month to read such a short novel you may be asking.  Well, because I hated every minute, every second I read it.  The story follows the protagonist, a 7 year old boy, after he is abandoned by his parents during WWII.  This book was first published in 1965, not that it matters to me.  I will tell you a couple of things before I go into much detail.  Nature is a regular theme in this story: squirrels, birds, trees/forest along with violence.  Each chapter is the boy’s experience with different people while just trying to survive.  So, why do I hate this story and why did I finally give up reading it?  Well, because it fucking sucks and because I couldn’t go any further.  There was one cool part of the story, which is where the painted bird is described.  On page 50-51, we find out where the title of this book came from.


‘He would choose the strongest bird, tie it to his wrist and prepare stinking paints of different colors which he mixed together from the most varied components.  When the colors satisfied him, Lekh would turn the bird over and paint its wings, head, and breast in rainbow hues until it became more dappled and vivid than a bouquet of flowers.  Then we would go into the thick of the forest.  There Lekh took out the painted bird and ordered me to hold it in my hand and squeeze it lightly.  The bird would begin to twitter and attract a flock of the same species which would fly nervously over our heads.  Our prisoner, hearing them, strained toward them, warbling more loudly, its little heart, locked in its freshly painted breast, beating violently.  When a sufficient number of birds gathered above our heads, Lekh would give me a sign to release the prisoner.  It would soar, happy and free, a spot of rainbow against the back drop of clouds, and then plunge into the waiting brown flock.  For an instant the birds were confounded.  The painted bird circled from one end of the flock to the other, vainly trying to convince its kin that it was one of them.  But, dazzled by its brilliant colors, they flew around it unconvinced.  The painted bird would be forced farther and farther away as it zealously tried to enter the ranks of the flock.  We saw soon afterwards how one bird after another would peel off in a fierce attack.  Shortly the many-hued shape lost its place in the sky and dropped to the ground.  When we finally found the painted bird it was usually dead. Lekh keenly examined the number of blows which the bird had received.  Blood seeped through its colored wings, diluting the paint and soiling Lekh’s hands.’

Now that is totally fucked up.  Sickness! But a very vivid picture for sure.  Most interesting part of this story, for sure.  I feel that the story just went on and on, with the protagonist going from one place to the next,with similar events happening to him.  Mean and cruel villagers that saw him as cursed or a demon of some sort.  I am thinking he is Jewish, but I could be wrong considering I didn’t read the entire book.

All in all I do not recommend this novel, period!  I had read about it and thought that it would be decent, but boy was I wrong.  So, how do I rate a book that I didn’t finish?  I have no damn clue.  Since this is my fucking blog, I will just do it my way.

2/5 stars, which is even questionable to me.